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Meal Planning In My Bullet Style Journal | Master Meal Plan List

Meal planning has never been my strong suit. I love the idea of knowing exactly what I want to eat every day, giving myself a streamlined processes at mealtime and the comfort of knowing what I’m getting into at the grocery store. SO, in favor of all things, new year, better process (a slight adaptation of the #newyearnewme that I’ve been seeing sprinkled over social media) and reasonable goals, here I come!

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Weekly Bullet Style Journal Inspiration | JANUARY 2018

Bullet Style Journal weekly spreads can get monotonous – but if you’ve got a pen and your journal, you’re half way there! Check out how I set up a new weekly spread variation in my bullet style journal.

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Bullet Style Journal Basics – Where I Began

Journaling with a blank book can seem scary or daunting. Back when I first decided I wanted to give the bullet style journal life a try, I wanted to test out journaling for one month to see if it was really something I wanted to do, I would be accountable with and liked doing rather than feeling burdened with something else to do. Here’s what I did and how I set it up:

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