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How I Stay Cool to Create in the Summertime

Have you ever felt so motivated, but when you start moving about the hot weather just makes everything feel like molasses? With people near and dear to me trying to enhance their health, I wanted to alter an old classic smoothie to make a nice, cool snack to help my creativity stay on track. Here’s what I did!
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What to Create | Creation Inspiration Jar

Have you ever been pressed for time and been able to think of 10,000 different projects you want to create or pieces of inspiration you want to use? Then when it comes time to create, or you have time to plan or make time for art and it feels like you’ve forgotten all your great ideas? Me too. Here’s how I fix that
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Highlights of The Month | April Highlights | 30 Days of Blogging Challenge

Holy Buckets, It’s been 30 days already! I can’t believe I’ve gone through each blog post on the prompt after working out what each day should be, what I wanted to think about, how I wanted to challenge myself and what ideas I wanted to expand. April has gone by really quickly, and the bullet journalist in me knows that there should be a way to document it! Let’s see how it went!

30 Days of Blogging Day 30

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