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DIY Pompom ornament and garlands | 5 MIN DIY for MAX results!

It’s pretty clear from knowing me for only a little time, that I LOVE a DIY project. Pompoms, glitter and anything colorful usually catch my attention. SO in light of my current decoration status at my house, I wanted to make something functional that didn’t take too long to create, but had a bold use. Enter: POMPOM ornaments!

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! DIY Halloween Coloring Pages

Halloween is full of sweets, costumes, and fun for little one’s and one’s of all ages! It’s definitely one of my favorite holidays and I enjoy making fun activities for everyone involved! Whatever way you celebrate, here’s a great (EASY)way to make your own DIY coloring pages for those – young or old – to help add fun to your Seasonal Festivities.

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Fall Love & October Celebration Bullet Journal Spread Inspiration

What is your favorite season? One of the things that I have found that I really appreciate about my bullet journal, is the freedom that it gives me to celebrate particular things. I decided to celebrate and highlight the things that I love about the month of October and fall as a season. Come take a look!

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