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Pretty, Easy and Pretty Easy Scarf DIY – Doubles as a Beautiful Fabric Wreath

Fall is IN THE AIR which means it is socially acceptable to wear everything fall. This beautiful scarf can be converted into a fabric wreath and the supplies list is just fabric and scissors!!

Fall is my favorite season and that means fall DIYs!! 

The supplies are beyond simple. I bought .3 yards of plaid cotton fabric. If you look closely at the fabric, you can see the weaving of vertical and horizontal threads perpendicular to each other. This is important because of how I finished the edges. 

After using the scissor to straighten the cut of the fabric from the store, I pulled some of the strings along the edges to create a fringe. I pulled about .25 inches for my fringe, but there’s no right or wrong way. 

Once it’s all fringed, I grabbed opposite corners to make a circle to be worn as a scarf. 

Using the same circle, I took off my scarf and added a Bow for an instantly cute wreath, ready for fall!!

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Let me know how yours turns out if you give it a try, and tag me on social media when you share it!

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