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Get your Garden in your Journal | Bujo Garden Spread

Ever since I set eyes on my balcony, I knew I wanted to put a tiny garden there. A mini jungle for a get away at my house sounded great, AND we’ve had a bigger garden each summer we’ve been in the house. But to stay on top of my game (as the garden continues to grow), I need a schedule to keep me on track! Continue reading “Get your Garden in your Journal | Bujo Garden Spread”

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DIY Inspiration Booklet | Calligraphy and Quotes

I love writing quotes in calligraphy, as well as just writing in calligraphy. Mixing fonts and embellishments can be all well and good…. until you have nothing to write! Do you ever draw a blank when you sit down to write something? I know I have – keep reading to see what I did to help when I run into that!

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Bullet Journal Basics – Where I Began

Bullet journaling with a blank book can seem scary or daunting. Back when I first decided I wanted to give the bujo life a try, I wanted to test out bullet journaling for one month to see if it was really something I wanted to do, I would be accountable with and liked doing rather than feeling burdened with something else to do. Here’s what I did and how I set it up:

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Highlights of The Month | April Highlights | 30 Days of Blogging Challenge

Holy Buckets, It’s been 30 days already! I can’t believe I’ve gone through each blog post on the prompt after working out what each day should be, what I wanted to think about, how I wanted to challenge myself and what ideas I wanted to expand. April has gone by really quickly, and the bullet journalist in me knows that there should be a way to document it! Let’s see how it went!

30 Days of Blogging Day 30

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