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5 Quick Tips I use to make photos 10x better

Do you ever take a ton of photos to post to your social media or remember a vacation and when it comes time to review or post you can’t seem to find a photo that captures what you remember? Here are my 5 quick tips to take a better picture every time!
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Watercolor Pumpkins πŸŽƒ | Art, Garland, or Bullet Journal Insert

Fall is so exciting from its decorations, holidays and temperatures. For this versatile season, here’s a super fun, extra easy DIY you’re sure to love. A watercolor pumpkin you can make over and over and look like you’re a master decorator or artist!

Fall happens to be my favorite season for many reasons with it’s perfect temperatures, rainy smells and beautiful colors…. but it’s also really fun to decorate for too!! Here’s how I made some versatile pumpkins to be used as decor or in a journal or really however you’d like. 


  • Paper (are used some thicker paper, because it was able to hold the watercolor as well as keep its integrity… but any paper will do)
  • Pencil to sketch if you’d like 
  • Watercolors 
  • Glass of water 
  • Paint brush
  • Marker if you’d like to outline your pumpkins
  • Scissors
  • String or ribbon to hang it on if you’d like
  • Tape or glue if you’d like to tack it on the string or in your journal

Technique #1

I started out with a wet paint brush, and made a circle in a dark yellow-ish orange color. I made sure that the color with in the circle varied based off of how much water versus pigment there was. Then, once that dried, are used a mixture of that color and a red color and made a circle slightly overlapping my original circle (kind of looking like an old pic then diagram). once that dried, I added a stem using a green and gray-ish brown color. You can use additional layers of color to add different dimensions to the pumpkin.

I personally like pumpkins that are more organic looking and not perfectly symmetrical. I find these give it a more one – of – a – kind look, and are better than perfectly symmetrical pumpkins in my book. Then all that is left is to cut out my pumpkin. I decided to leave a white outline around my watercolor, in order to highlight the various hues and values of color.

Technique #2

I started by making a pumpkin shaped lump on my paper out of water without any pigment. Then, I began to add yellows, oranges, reds, and browns at various places in my water blob, allowing the water to mix the colors for me. If you ever find that a color becomes too dark or two colors that you don’t want to mix are mixing, you can use a paper towel or tissue to wipe up some of the excess water or color that you don’t like. Once I allowed this to dry, I added a stem and outlined the pumpkin using a black marker. Then I decided to cut out my pumpkin using the black outline that I had made as a guide.

Next comes assembly!

You could use tape or glue to attach your pumpkins to a string or ribbon and make a garland…

You could use a hot glue gun and some fall leaves to make a wreath for your front door…

You could use tape or glue and attach the pumpkins to some paper bags and put a flameless candle in those bags to light a pathway… 

Or you could attach your pumpkins to a piece of folded card stock to make a card…

Or use them as the front section of your October month in your bullet journal…

Or photocopy many pumpkins and make a Thanksgiving spread….

Really your options are endless! 

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Alternative Variation: use turquoise and blues and greens to make your pumpkin instead of oranges yellows and reds and tape it on a bag with a candle inside to show you have friendly treats for trick-or-treaters with food allergies, or make a few and stick them on a wreath, or tape them to your door… The possibilities are endless!

Let me know how you make your pumpkins and show me on social media @lizzyslandscapes πŸ–€

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DIY Mini Pop-Out Booklet/Bullet Journal Insert | Accordion Notebook

I have sincere, and find memories of making different types of small booklets from when I was in grade school. I wanted to try to incorporate one of those book concepts into my bullet journal. Here’s how it went:
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Bullet Journal Background Filler Ideas | Watercolor BuJo Backdrop

Opening the pages of a new bullet journal is so exciting! I substituted regular white paper for watercolor paper in my next BizzyBook bullet journal and LET. ME. TELL. YOU. I’m so excited to drop ALL of the colors on my pages!! BUT I wanted to get some backgrounds ready to help prep my pages. Here’s how it went: 
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