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Bullet Journal Basics – Where I Began

Bullet journaling with a blank book can seem scary or daunting. Back when I first decided I wanted to give the bujo life a try, I wanted to test out bullet journaling for one month to see if it was really something I wanted to do, I would be accountable with and liked doing rather than feeling burdened with something else to do. Here’s what I did and how I set it up:

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Gratitude Tracker Ideas | Bullet Journal Inspiration | Thankful Bujo Spreads

Bullet Journaling can be incredibly relaxing and comforting. It can allow you to organize your thoughts without the pressure of perfection. One thing that I find calming is remembering what to be grateful for. In counting my reasons to smile, I find myself smiling again.

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Bullet Journal… Bujo… How do I use that to plan my month?

I have always LOVED planners. I love feeling organized!

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