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10 Must-Have Bullet Style Journal Lists in my Planner Right Now

Being productive and happy are two major goals right now for me. Here are 10 MUST HAVE lists I have in my bullet style journal right now to help.

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Checking In: Goals & Resolutions … 1/4 into 2018

It seems crazy to me that it’s already a quarter of the way into 2018. Seeing as the best goals are the ones that are monitored, realistic, and measurable, I figured now is as good a time as any to check in and see where of it on my New Year’s resolutions and the goals that I’ve set for myself. Where are you with your goals? Come check in!

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Setting Goals in the New Year | DIY Goal Inspiration

Setting goals and keeping them is a great way to make a personal changes and growth. However, sometimes that can be harder than just saying you’re going to do something and then doing it. I like making little reminders for myself to figure out what I need to do if I’m in a slump, or just can’t think of something that I want to be doing at that moment.

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Something I feel Strongly About

I feel like there are a lot of things that I feel strongly about. This blog post was actually one of the most challenging for me to narrow down my thoughts and come to a concise idea of something that outweighs other things I care about. After quite a bit more thought than I thought was necessary, I came to the conclusion that I feel strongly about change.

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3 Things I wish I could tell my younger self

I feel like looking back and wishing about the “would’ve’s” and “could’ve’s” can become a dangerous or self-deprecating thing. The what if’s could drive you to think about not being good enough or ___ enough. So, let’s make sure to stay positive and motivated about achieving more and simplifying goals into attainable things.

30 Days of Blogging Day 4
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