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Making Change Positive: Change is hard, but can be a great thing

People talk a lot about a positive change, but less about making a difficult change a positive thing. Time and again, I’ve heard that change can be a good thing. Change is great. Change is a new beginning….. The other side of the coin: change can be SCARY. Learning new processes, new people, retraining the brain in new scenarios can be intimidating.

Move past the scary into productive and take care of YOU! here’s what I do:

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First Memory of Making Art

I have quite a few memories of making art in early childhood care around age 3 and 4. The people in my life who love me set me up for success in art, not in materials or resources, but in reaction and growth.

30 Days of Blogging Day 7
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Something I feel Strongly About

I feel like there are a lot of things that I feel strongly about. This blog post was actually one of the most challenging for me to narrow down my thoughts and come to a concise idea of something that outweighs other things I care about. After quite a bit more thought than I thought was necessary, I came to the conclusion that I feel strongly about change.

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