Gift Bags made Easy | 5 minute DIY

Whether you’re wrapping a present for a birthday, a holiday, or just because, the first impression of that gift is going to be its wrapping. Here’s an easy way to take five minutes and turn in ordinary bag into an extraordinary present.

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5 Easy Ways to Take a Better Photo on a Phone & Which photos to Keep??

Have you ever scrolled through your camera roll and thought to yourself: there’s a lot here! I know I tend to do that after setting off to take pictures, or when I need memory card space for another project. How do you weed through it all?

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! DIY Halloween Coloring Pages

Halloween is full of sweets, costumes, and fun for little one’s and one’s of all ages! It’s definitely one of my favorite holidays and I enjoy making fun activities for everyone involved! Whatever way you celebrate, here’s a great (EASY)way to make your own DIY coloring pages for those – young or old – to help add fun to your Seasonal Festivities.

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5 Quick Tips I use to make photos 10x better

Do you ever take a ton of photos to post to your social media or remember a vacation and when it comes time to review or post you can’t seem to find a photo that captures what you remember? Here are my 5 quick tips to take a better picture every time!
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Watercolor Pumpkins 🎃 | Art, Garland, or Bullet Journal Insert

Fall is so exciting from its decorations, holidays and temperatures. For this versatile season, here’s a super fun, extra easy DIY you’re sure to love. A watercolor pumpkin you can make over and over and look like you’re a master decorator or artist! Continue reading “Watercolor Pumpkins 🎃 | Art, Garland, or Bullet Journal Insert”