Who Is Lizzy?

Lizzy is an avid maker from MN. She loves capturing simple things and giving them new life. Driven to continue learning and exploring, she has a hard time finding crafts she doesn’t want to do or try, so you can plan to find a little bit of everything cycling through her shop. Lizzy graduated Gustavus with a passion for creating art inspired from the hidden beauty we miss every day, her interpretations of memories, and a double major with Art Studio Minor. She loves volunteering, spending time with friends and family, and playing with her two rescue kittens, Breezy and Aurora.

Just a little Housekeeping:

Lizzy works hard to provide unique, helpful and inspirational content. All her own work will be noted and everything published is under her copyright unless explicitly stated. If something catches your eye, and you want to try it, please feel free to engage with others on the topic as well as comment on the posts on the blog. If you send a friend over to check out any ideas, please have them mention it in a comment or shoot a message over in the Talk to Lizzy section! Sharing is Caring – just like giving credit where it’s due!

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