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Bullet Style Journal Background Filler Ideas | Watercolor Journal Backdrop

Opening the pages of a new bullet style journal is so exciting! I substituted regular white paper for watercolor paper in my next BizzyBook bullet style journal and LET. ME. TELL. YOU. I’m so excited to drop ALL of the colors on my pages!! BUT I wanted to get some backgrounds ready to help prep my pages. Here’s how it went:

My supplies

Beyond easy… my journal & watercolors and some inspiration 🖤

I used several layers to build up the colors I wanted on my rock images.

I infused some strategically placed water droplets to make a fun confetti

Or, if you’re feeling less than inspired, or just unsure of what you will want to put on the pages later, a colorful wash is always nice

And just went for some basic muted flowers wherever I felt on a crease later in the book.

^^Remember to Pin this for later & share with your friends!

Let me know how you decide to add color to your journals & tag me on instagram if you try it out! @lizzyslandscapes 🖤


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