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DIY Reusable Bag: BUJO•Produce•More!

Do you ever find that when you are getting ready to go shopping or to the park or wherever you decide to go, that you feel like you’re missing something? We’ve gotten into trying to reuse more and decrease waste. I decided the best way for me to do that was to make a quick DIY reusable bag.

Here’s what I did

I went to my local fabric store and bought some light Fabric. I decided to cut this piece into 18″ x 22″ in order to have a bag that was about 18″ x 11″. From this same size fabric I also decided to make a variation that was 9″ x 22″. I decided to cut this size piece in half: 9″ x 22″ and this yielded abag that was about 9″ x 11″.

For my materials, I needed:

  • A cut piece of fabric, 
  • A scissor or rotary cutter to cut that fabric,
  • A piece of ribbon (I used just over 9″ long,
  • A method to bond the fabric together: i.e. Sewing or Gluing

I decided I was going to do this project with my sewing machine. But, if I weren’t into sewing or didn’t feel comfortable using a sewing machine, I could’ve used a needle and thread, or a strong fabric glue or adhesive. 

To avoid my fabric fraying, I figured out which side I wanted to be the top of my bag, and I decided to put a double hem. What I mean by this is that I folded over about a half an inch of fabric and then I folded that half inch fold in half again so that no raw edge was showing.

I used a zigzag stitch to sew across this double hem. Because of the size of my fabric and how big I wanted my bag, I knew that I wanted to have my fabric fold on the side of the bag rather than the bottom of the bag. So, I folded my fabric and added my ribbon between the two layers of fabric. I folded the ribbon in half and had the two loose free ends on the right side of my bag and the fold in the center of the ribbon where I was going to stitch the bag shut.

I used a short straight stitch to sew around the two remaining sides of the bag, leaving the opening with the double hem untouched. 

From there, I turned my bag right side out and it was ready to use. 

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How would you use your reusable bags? Let me know!


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