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How I Stay Cool to Create in the Summertime

Have you ever felt so motivated, but when you start moving about the hot weather just makes everything feel like molasses? With people near and dear to me trying to enhance their health, I wanted to alter an old classic smoothie to make a nice, cool snack to help my creativity stay on track. Here’s what I did!

Ingredients and Info

For more of a smoothie, I use raw, fresh bananas. For a more ice cream or “nice”cream feel, I use frozen bananas. 

  • Bananas
  • Yogurt
  • Milk
  • Blender
  • Glass/bowl 
  • Straw/spoon optional

I wish I could tell you I was a pro chef… but this is so simple. 

I put my bananas in the blender (I used 3 medium bananas)

Then I added about a quarter cup of milk per 2 bananas (I used roughly 1.5 quarter cups)

Next I added about a third cup of yogurt per 2 bananas (I used roughly 1.5 third cups… you may see a pattern here…)

Then: BLEND 

Finally, enjoy 😊 

Feel free to pin this^^ to come back later!!

How do you stay cool and keep creating when it’s hot outside? Let me know!!

*all ingredients featured were what I had in my fridge, and aren’t specific to a particular brand or type. 


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