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What to Create | Creation Inspiration Jar

Have you ever been pressed for time and been able to think of 10,000 different projects you want to create or pieces of inspiration you want to use? Then when it comes time to create, or you have time to plan or make time for art and it feels like you’ve forgotten all your great ideas? Me too. Here’s how I fix that

My little jar with big inspiration

I decided I wanted a way to take my ideas and file them away to use for random inspiration when I need it. So in the fashion of a chire/kaper drawing or drawing a name out of a hat… here’s what I did. 

I started out with a tinted mason jar. You could DIY a clear jar with some food coloring and school glue, but mine actually just came in blue. 

I added a ribbon and then I was ready to cultivate my inspiration to go inside. 

I took tiny squares of colored paper left over from past projects, but really, you can use any paper you like. 

On each square I put different ideas of inspiration for doodles, projects, and designs. 

You could print inspirational photos, quotes or ideas too and fold those. 


Let me know if you decide to give this a try and what you decided to put in your jar.

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