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Have you ever counted the steps you have to take to get to the calendar in your phone? Are there important dates or events that you want to make at the forefront of your mind when you go through your day? I think one of the best ways to keep those things in mind is to put a note where I’m bound to see it. Where do I look more often than my phone screen?


I decided that for this next month, I wanted to keep my calendar at the forefront of my mind. I have a lot of different planning and scheduling that needs to be done, so having that at my fingertips will be great. Also, I’m starting to love how it looks, so I may keep it that way in the future!

I started by opening an editing program on my phone. (I used Canva, but I’ve used apps like Pixlr in the past. If it’s free and let’s me edit on it… I’m ready to give it a try!)

You can google the pixel ratio of the screen you’d like to customize – I used a template already the size of my screen to save time.

After choosing my background color (dark blue), I decided I wanted to have white stripes (channeling my sailor vibes). I actually just took a white rectangle and stretched it out and then copied and pasted it to create even stripes. You could vary the stripes or use whatever pattern your heart desires.

Next, I decided I wanted to have a calendar on the right side of the screen, just above the bottom. I played with a few different colors and then added a calendar.

I’m sure there’s a way you can research and download a calendar, but I wanted my own spacing and just typed mine out. You can copy and paste my calendar and then edit it for spacing with whatever font you choose.

 S    M    T    W   R    F    S
1     2    3    4    5
6    7     8    9   10   11  12
13   14  15  16  17   18  19
20   21  22  23  24   25  26
27   28  29  30  31

I played with different combinations of colors and my title of “hello August!” and finally came to the color combination (with a slightly different square background) that I wanted to go with.

From here, I checked to make sure it would work on my background by saving a temporary file – I ended up lowering everything by about one stripe so that I could still read my clock and the “hello August!”

Pin this for later & grab your free download!


Don’t forget to download your free phone background – if you like my layout – or let me know how it went when you tried it yourself!



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