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I absolutely love being able to run errands with my phone and keys and sometimes an extra wallet, depending on where I’m going. I have a wallet that attaches to my phone case and I really like not having to lug my purse around with me for quick trips. BUT – I really miss having my bullet journal with me. I love taking notes and having quick lists available…. Enter my perfect mini book that fits LITERALLY ANYWHERE!

This was actually SO EASY once I figured out my pattern

I figured out the size I wanted my pages to be (2inches by 2inches)

I found the paper I wanted to be my cover (beautiful pastel blue plaid)

I decided how many pages I wanted in my book (as many as 1 8.5×11 inch sheet would give me! although I was aiming for between 10-20)

I did some math, cutting, stapling & had my book!

Here’s how it went:


I took my desired dimensions and figured out how that would work with my printer paper dimensions:

2 goes into 8.5 4 times & 2 goes into 11 5 times.

I decided that because I would be stapling the edge of each page to keep it in the book, I wanted to give an extra 1/8 inch on one of the edges.

That allowed me to divide the 8.5 inch side of my paper evenly into 4 (8.5 / 4 = 2.125)

20170710_120459-1.jpgHere you can see where I folded my 8.5 inch length evenly into 4 sections & cut along the 11 inch length every 2 inches with the remainder 1 inch section at the far end.

VOILA! 20 sheets 🙂

I decided to leave my dimension as 5 even groups of 2 inches instead of trying to divide in the extra inch evenly into each of the 2 inch sections.

Lizzy's Landscapes Math for CoverHere’s the math I used and the pattern I made for the cover.

You can see the dimensions of the sheets in the bold blue (2.125x2inches)

Next I knew that I needed that dimension repeated so that I could wrap the cover all the way around the book (light blue directly below the bold)

Lastly, I know that I needed a little wiggle room for the width of my 20 sheets & the clasp (I used .5 inches as that wiggle factor & it worked perfectly!)

Lizzy's Landscapes CoverMy final dimensions ended up being 5×2.125 inches – which leaves the same 1 inch strip across the top of the page left as scrap as my printer paper.

Let me know if you have any great ideas on what to use these 1×8.5inch scraps for!

From here I decided to measure the width of my 20 pages (about 1/8 or .125 inches)

Since I need the cover to wrap around my pages twice, I need to account for two widths of my 20 pages (~1/4 or .25 inches)

From here, I measured and folded my cover – Next Step is to add paper and staple on the flap close to the edge of the paper!

Lizzy's Landscapes TADA!

(PRO-TIP: if all your pages aren’t even, you can make sure that the part of the pages that are exposed line up as best as possible and then hide the unevenness at the side by the staple)

I decided to try one set with an extra eight of an inch folded under on the staple clasp side – I really didn’t like this as well as the single layer side.

ALTERNATIVE STAPLE OPTIONS: You can either staple through all your pages and the staple section of the cover (showing in picture) and back cover (under the notebook in picture) OR just staple through the pages and the staple section of the cover.

Do you have any variations? alterations? Did you try it?! Let me know!!

diy matchbook notebook pinterest

Feel free to Pin this image to come back here later!


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