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DIY Twine Bowl | Holiday & Décor Do it Yourself Project … Success!

Have you seen different twine and rope baskets floating around the internet? I remember doing basket weaving and twine projects when I was little in elementary school and at camp… But can it be DIY-ed into a décor worthy DIY? Come check it out…



White Glue


Bowl (for glue)



Balloon Pump & Cellophane to wrap bowl in for easy clean up



LIZZYSLANDSCAPES BOWL SWITCHLIZZYS LANDSCAPES BOWL AND WRAPFirst, I blew up my water balloon with a balloon pump.

Then, I actually swapped my regular ceramic bowl for a plastic bowl covered in cellophane. This helped me with cleanup and helped the twine glide more easily.

I mixed 4 parts glue to 1 part water in this bowl.

I then cut off a couple arms lengths worth of twine and dragged them through the glue while wiping off excess globs of glue.

With this glue & water coated twine, I started wrapping it around my (air filled) water balloon.

I added another length of twine and added it to my balloon after I’d finished with my first length to fill in the areas that had a lot of balloon showing.

There wasn’t a pattern, rhyme or reason to which direction I wrapped my twine – I just did what covered the areas with balloon exposed and tucked my loose ends under the wrapped sections when I came to the end of the twine.

LIZZYSLANDSCAPES POP DRIED BALLOONI let my balloon dry overnight, but you can check to see when you can’t feel any dampness to the twine.

Next, I took a pin (mine is incredibly short, and I don’t know where I got it… but it was pointy, so it did the job) and I deflated my balloon.

You can use a scissors to cut the balloon too – I decided to use a pin and poke up by where the balloon was tied so that the air released slowly and didn’t pop all at once.

I was hoping this would help the basket keep its shape rather than a sudden pull from popping it.

I then found three cute ways to style it once I took out the extra glue pieces that were still stuck to the twine:

I clipped it to our fridge as a basket for magnets, put in a fake candle to add some soft light & set on the counter as a catch all.

How would you use your twine basket? Let me know!!


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