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4th of July DIY | DIY Firework Painting

The 4th of July is fast approaching and that means fun celebrations! Whether you go to fireworks with your whole family, set off your own with friends, or have your own Independence Day celebration this DIY gives some extra pizazz to whatever you’re doing. It’s also fun and easy for little hands.

Fun & Easy Firework Painting


  • Watercolor  Paint ( or Acrylic, Tempra, or Guash Paint – see variation)
  • Water
  • Paint tray or lid – something to mix your paint on if you’re not using a panned watercolor paint
  • straw
  • Paper to paint on
    • (cardstock, multimedia/watercolor or construction paper are thicker than printer paper and may work best, but feel free to try different paper options to see what you prefer!)
  • Old Clothes or apron – this can get messy!
  1. Get your paper set out on a surface where it’s okay to paint
    • PROTIP: adding a placemat or an inexpensive or washable table cloth makes cleanup a breeze
    • PROTIP: for little hands, or just for some additional security, you can tape the corners of your paper onto your surface so no sliding occurs.
  2. Water down your paint in whatever colors you’d like to use
    • PROTIP: an old yogurt or margarine lid can work great to store the paint and can help mix colors
  3. Take a clean wet paintbrush and put dots of water in a close circle on your paper
  4. Then add color to each of the dots by gently dipping your paintbrush in different colors
  5. Aim your CLEAN straw at the location on the paper where you’ve placed the water droplets

Instead of using Watercolor paint, you can opt for a more vibrant firework burst using Acrylic, Tempra, or Guash paint.

  1. Once you’ve secured your paper and watered down your paint
  2. Simply use a CLEAN straw to scoop up some of your color into the end of the straw
    1. PROTIP: you can coax the paint into your straw with the end of your paintbrush
    2. PROTIP: less is more – you can always add more paint, but starting with a straw filled with an inch of paint will give you a nice blob in the center of your page
  3. Aim the end of the straw containing the paint at the part of the paper where you’d like to have your firework burst and blow gently *Make sure NOT to inhale*
    1. PROTIP: make sure to blow gently – too much force can send paint everywhere… being in a paint safe zone that can be easily cleaned is also a plus
    2. PROTIP: if you feel like you didn’t get a big enough burst from your first go around, you can repeat the process with the same color to add weight to your firework.

LIZZYSLANDSCAPES LAYERED FIREWORK DIYFor a layered look, wait for your paint to dry and add more paint in different colors or shades of the original color

Hang your paper filled with fireworks as a work of art, cut them up and make them into place holders for the BBQ or a greeting card, or cut around your firework and hang it from a string to make a garland or window art – whatever you can think of!

I hope you have a great time trying this out & make sure to tag me on social media to show me your fun!


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