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Bullet Journal Meal Planning 

Every day it seems like social media is flooded with amazing bullet journal spreads of weekly layouts, daily inspiration, gratitude, meal planning and more. One thing I’ve never done in my entire Bullet Journaling adventure is meal plan. Here’s how I set about it…

Where to begin?

I did my due dilligence on Instagram and Pinterest searching for different layout ideas, as well as ideas of how to display my recipies.
I don’t really need diy step-by-step instructions for things I already know how to make, but I do want to make sure I know what to shop for so when I prep, I have all the ingredients I need.

Starting the layout

I knew I wanted a place to organize what I ultimately wanted to have for each meal for each day of the week.

On to the Food!

I decided to start with 3 different breakfasts that would be easy to transport. I’m usually one for quick and easy meals, but I wanted to give myself additional options besides a granola bar. I decided to go with three variations on an oat/granola parfait.

Next, I decided to outline three different lunch options. I picked three mostly because I had decided on three for the breakfast options. These I decided to make significantly different, rather than variations of the same thing, because I wanted variation for lunch as well as dinner.

Lastly, I decided on three different dinner options. Again, I was not focused on specific amounts, or recipes. But rather, I was a focused on variation of food with repetition of ingredients.

Now, is time to fill out what I’d like for each day and each meal. 

How do you meal plan? Let me know!


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