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Get your Garden in your Journal | Bujo Garden Spread

Ever since I set eyes on my balcony, I knew I wanted to put a tiny garden there. A mini jungle for a get away at my house sounded great, AND we’ve had a bigger garden each summer we’ve been in the house. But to stay on top of my game (as the garden continues to grow), I need a schedule to keep me on track!I scoured Pinterest and Google for different spreadsheets and trackers for watering, pruning and harvesting schedules and was coming up empty handed each time. I wanted something easy to make, reference and most importantly… look at.

Tiny grids that have you check off each day, even with a cute water droplet, just aren’t my style. I needed something that just told me: Do this, at this time.

Then, as I was writing down a list of which plants were cat-friendly and which were going to be hung or on a tall shelf….. Make this issue into a BuJo spread!

Garden Spread Indeed:

I started by drawing a layout of my garden space in my BizzyBook BuJo Journal.

I wanted the pots across the top to be to scale, but the rest of the page didn’t matter much to me.

From there, I added labels for each plant.

It wasn’t until I started my spread that I realized that I was incredibly lucky that I stopped after 26 different plants…. But, due to the large quantity of plants, I reaffirmed my need to keep things straight – so I decided to make a watering chart right down the middle:

I decided to use the empty space to house all the information I needed.

Initially, I’d toyed with the idea of drawing lines from each pot and writing the description of water needs in the center of the page. However, the thing that stopped me from doing that was the fact that I have two D’s on either side of my page and two K’s surrounding an L. I would have overlapping lines and potentially confusion. I decided on the A-Z chart to remedy this.

I began writing down the watering schedule instructions for myself and realized, this is a lot of black and white and very little color.

When I look at organization as well as when I try to remember important things, color coding really helps me train my brain to remember certain things as well as group like things together.

I decided to color code the timing of my watering as well as the amount of water needed.

This made my whole page come to life! I was absolutely loving the look and how much sense it made when I looked at it.

To finish things off, I labeled each planter with the timing and amount of water.

This allows me to see everything visually since I set up my page to reflect my garden layout in the first place!

How do you organize your important plant information? Let me know!


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