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Bullet Journaling on Vacation | Bujo On The Go

There are so many things that happen while you’re on vacation, bullet journaling is a creat way to capture your adventures…. but sometimes with everything going on, your bullet journal can get left behind or forgotten. Here’s how I bullet journal while on vacation…

First thing’s first

I decide if I’m bringing my regular journal or if I’m taking a separate travel journal. Depending on the activities and where I want to take it, I decide if taking my regular journal or a smaller version is more cohesive.

Once I know what journal I’m taking, I decide to prepare the supplies I’m bringing. This can go one of two ways: either I bring my regular supplies if I’m able to take a decent amount of things with me, or I decide to find either a general set of markers and accessories or a particular color scheme to go with my vacation.


  • Journal
  • Markers
  • Tape in coordinating colors
  • Stickers or accent accessories
  • Ruler
  • Whiteout/eraser
  • Glue/tape
  • Anything else I may want for my supplies
  • Bag to contain my items
  • If I am going somewhere warm in the summer, I may choose vibrant bright colors, versus somewhere in the fall with changing leaves, I may bring more muted earthy tones. When you look at the color scheme for your journal it should make sense to you.

    Next, I make my journal work for me

    From here, I decide if I want to use my journal as an itinerary, a reflection on each day’s events, a singular page with highlights in a spider web or mapping pattern, or a collection of items that I’ve collected throughout my vacation Adventure. If I am using it to collect items and commemorate my activities, I want to make sure the glue or adhesive that I bring can collect and preserve those items (this could include: movie ticket stubs, wristbands, brochures, postcards, photographs, receipts, anything that you might collect along your journey.)

    How do you journal away from home? Let me know!


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