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DIY Inspiration Booklet | Calligraphy and Quotes

I love writing quotes in calligraphy, as well as just writing in calligraphy. Mixing fonts and embellishments can be all well and good…. until you have nothing to write! Do you ever draw a blank when you sit down to write something? I know I have – keep reading to see what I did to help when I run into that!

First thing’s first – I make a booklet:

2017-05-22 20.13.07
I start out with a blank sheet of paper
2017-05-22 20.15.26
I fold the paper the long way so the crease touches the two short lengths
2017-05-22 20.16.03
Then, while it’s folded in half, I fold it in half perpendicularly to the fold I’ve just made
2017-05-22 20.16.48
While the paper is folded in half then half again – I fold the paper in half one more time.
2017-05-22 20.17.24
Next, I open up the paper to see 8 rectangles and cut along the center fold containing the 4 middle squares
2017-05-22 20.19.07
Once it’s cut, I fold the paper the long way and pinch the inner 4 rectangles to create a square
2017-05-22 20.20.53
From here, I take the two outer folds and push them together to compress the square into a diamond, and then flat.
2017-05-22 20.21.45
I now have four pages composed of two rectangles each and fold them into a booklet
2017-05-22 20.22.30
You can number pages from here and proceed to decorate the pages

Here’s what I put in mine:

2017-05-22 20.24.18
I added a list of what I’d like to include in my book & some different quotes I’d like to remember
2017-05-22 20.25.36
I added some format and composition ideas & variation ideas – if you want more ideas on variation and composition, you can take a peek at this post
2017-05-22 20.26.08
I added some embellishment ideas & quote topics that I’d like to letter later

Let me know if you try it out and what you put in yours!


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