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How I Mix Fonts In Lettering | Typography Made Easy

Have you ever sat down and thought: I want to write something and have it look AWESOME!? Me too. Sometimes when I sit down it’s easy to let the creative juices flow…. and other times it’s a little harder. Choosing font and lettering to make typography compositions can be a gruesome manipulation of millimeters, or an easy, free-flowing process with luck on your side. Here’s how I take this DIY and simplify it to make it easy.

First I write out my quote or phrase I want to use:


Next, I rewrite it how I want to see it laid out on the paper.

quote with variations

This is where I write many different variations with different numbers of words on each line, to begin playing with emphasis.

Next, I start to highlight additional points of emphasis, such as pairs of words that are significant, or opposite & if I’m feeling like adding color or different levels, this is where I would look at different words that could coordinate with particular doodles to offset to the right or left of the block text, or incorporate into the background of my image.


In that same vein, are there words that I can further illustrate by use of font? Long and short are convenient, but what about words like sharp (jagged edges or crisp lines?), soft (bubble letters, clouds morphing into words, letters created out of feathers?), clumsy (a bumpy line creating a cursive lettering, shaky letters?)

letter language

Lastly, I take a look at any banners or extras I want to add.

banners and extras

Now is when I try out my ideas! – You can pick your favorite layout, or try a couple out and see which you like the best!

option one

Once you’ve done a few variations, you can try more elaborate ideas or skip the first steps if you can visualize what you want or what may look good.

option two

I love lettering phrases, but I still like playing with composition by writing things out in handwriting that doesn’t matter for my final project to just toss ideas around – this also helps me with my artist’s block too!

Let me know if you try any typography compositions or any fun fonts or extras you come up with to illustrate your ideas!


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