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Highlights of The Month | April Highlights | 30 Days of Blogging Challenge

Holy Buckets, It’s been 30 days already! I can’t believe I’ve gone through each blog post on the prompt after working out what each day should be, what I wanted to think about, how I wanted to challenge myself and what ideas I wanted to expand. April has gone by really quickly, and the bullet journalist in me knows that there should be a way to document it! Let’s see how it went!

30 Days of Blogging Day 30

I mentioned in my May Goals post that I’m really into this cloud format for tracking, so since I decided to do my goals and highlights as a two page spread, I wanted to have this be in a similar format – PLUS, I seriously am loving this format!

How did the blogging challenge go?

It was definitely interesting and challenging to think deeply about why I do what I do and the different variations in my process. Never before have I considered the difference between my inspiration in creation and my motivation in creation.

I’m really thankful that doing a 30 day blogging challenge was suggested to me by my Southerngirlupnorth! Here’s the full two page spread:

How do you reflect on your creative process? Let me know!


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