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Goals for Next Month | May Goals | Future Highlight/Goal Tracker

Looking forward to May, I don’t have an extreme goal or anything that is critical that I complete. There are a lot of changes going on in my work environment, so I have many goals and checks to make sure everything is balanced as these changes happen. So, in my personal life and more importantly, crafting life, I am seeking consistency and balance. HOWEVER, as I mentioned in my Goal Setting post, I always leave room to grow and change – so maybe something will come up and I’ll have a big challenge ahead of me!

30 Days of Blogging Day 29

So, where would I put my Goals for May, other than my Bullet Journal!?

I decided, after never really trying a cloud format consistently before my Gratitude Tracking post (which then caused me to really appreciate this format right now!) I wanted to track my goals, not in a matrix with days of the month like I had previously, marking them off or leaving them blank until my goals are done, but rather in this cloud format. This new format isn’t something miraculous or ingenious, it’s just new for how I organize my thoughts. It’s a little less streamlined than some of my previous trackers or though organization and I really like how that challenges my thinking (just a little bit).

Here’s what I came up with!

How do you track your goals or highlights for the future? Let me know!


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