Happiness Is…

Happiness is SO many things. It can be subjective to the person, the situation or timing relative to other factors. It can be a hard concept to whittle down into a tangible idea, but again, this blogging challenge is about thinking, so… what IS happiness?

30 Days of Blogging Day 27

I was thinking about happiness for me and what that looks like. Happiness can be what I’m thankful for. In a venn diagram, I feel like that would be in the overlapping section – if I’m grateful for something, I’m probably happy about it, right?

Great, so happiness is being grateful? Maybe for some people, and yes it CAN be, but it’s like squares being rectangles but rectangles not being squares. It’s not an end all be all, and maybe there isn’t one, but I wanted to keep digging.

Happiness is a feeling, definitely. When I’m with people that feel like home, I consciously know that I close my eyes more, take slower breaths and feel more at ease. When I’m with these people, I can overcome my obstacles, discuss my struggles and celebrate my successes. So that’s happiness for me too.

Alright, so happiness is being grateful, and feeling at ease no matter the circumstance. What else?

Happiness for me, after much thought, is not taking anything too seriously. I am grateful for things because they happen or I work hard for them and accept successes and areas where I need to learn. It’s being able to work though what I need to and the calm feeling of knowing that no matter what, I can be happy if I take what I have and cherish it.

What is your happiness? Let me know!

After thinking about this in length, I’m definitely grateful that I spend time pondering it, and thinking of all that I have to be happy about definitely brings a smile to my face. I hope you feel the same way if you try this out!


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