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Now that we looked at Lazy Day crafts and my Favorite Medium, it seems only fitting to look at my favorite tactile craft! I know it may come as a shock, but I really love creating, crafting and DIY, so it was relatively hard to debate with myself on my favorite tactile art. SO – what did I choose?

30 Days of Blogging Day 26

Is time flying by or what?! It’s already day 26 of 30 and I’ve had a TON of great thinking prompts about art, creating and self reflection.

I love doing so many different crafts and creation, that this prompt is quite difficult for me. SO what’s my favorite tactile craft? Thankfully, my photography is already taken out because it’s not something I consider tactile. You can make an argument about touching buttons on my camera to make my magic happen, but really it’s visual, not tactile – so I don’t have to feel guilty for leaving it out!

In my Favorite Medium post, I discovered that pigment art is my favorite medium, BUT this can take an incredible amount of time, and as simple as drawing or inking can be, it’s hard for me to have an easy pigment project with watercolor.

So where do I go from here?

Well, I decided I should do something from my to-do list while I thought this over. What did I decide to do? I prepped a book that I plan to make for myself. I’m moving spaces at my work and my desk space looks like it will be lessening slightly, so I wanted to make a calendar to sit out for my important tasks. It was so fun to get ready, plan out and work with – and now I’m almost done! (It’s even so fun that I may even do a tutorial later if everything works out well AND I actually enjoy using it so it would be worthwhile sharing.)

Long Story Short:

To ease my mind from my dilemma, and to do something fun, relatively quick and actually useful in my everyday, I did book making. I’m not sure how I feel about this exactly, because of how much I enjoy other things, but in this moment, my BizzyBooks come in as my tactile craft favorite.

What’s your favorite tactile craft? Let me know!


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