Favorite Lazy Day Activities | Relaxation Activities | Weekend Fun

What an interesting post! – What activities do I do NOT to recuperate, recharge, or care for me, BUT RATHER to have fun without a ton of stress! I’m taking this with the spin that it’s not the things that I enjoy doing regularly that I put a ton of effort into, but rather projects and activities that I can do quickly, for fun with minimal stress. Ok… now what are those!?

30 Days of Blogging Day 25

I feel like I can say with confidence that I have at least 3 or 4… or 7 projects going on at once. I love a good DIY, but more specifically, I love textile DIYs. Crocheting, embroidery, sewing, bracelet making, felting, and the one that takes the cake for the first lazy day activity: quilting!IMG_20170129_175628_709

The reason I think I love quilting so much and consider this more “lazy day” than the other textile crafts I mentioned is that I can easily start and stop, and depending on the type of quilt, even get it done in an afternoon or evening (we’re talking lap blanket with an easy pattern here!) Also, some really fun memories that I have are getting together with my mom to quilt on a Saturday or Sunday and even if we didn’t finish, it’s incredibly easy to pickup and start again on the next lazy day. All I need is my pattern, fabric and a sewing machine (later batting, but who’s counting?).

Now, as I’m thinking of my second relaxing/fun activity, I’m starting to feel like I’m writing a blog post about my mom. The reason being my second activity that takes the cake is baking2017-04-25 09.13.24 1

Tying in with the idea of a quick project that’s fun, maybe not entirely easy if I’m trying a new or complex recipe, but definitely rewarding is baking. The benefit of this being, in the way I bake, if it’s horrible, burned or just disgusting, I can try again, start over, or just ditch it. I always enjoyed holiday baking with my mom and now that I moved out, when I get the chance to bake cookies or other delectables I found on the interwebs, it makes me really happy. PLUS – there’s a ton of downtime while things bake for cleaning up the HUGE mess I inevitably create while baking.

Lastly, a real down to earth and #relatable fun lazy activity that I enjoy is movie watching. Now, movie watching versus binge watching a TV series was a hard call at first, BUT my deciding factor was time commitment and satisfaction once a movie is done. In both cases, I love wrapping up in a blanket and snuggling down for a video adventure. But, after a movie is over, you can decide if you want to watch a sequel, or not, or even do another activity. With an entire TV series, I will probably get sucked in and that’s the entirety of my lazy day!IMG_20160414_155315

When I was in college, I took a Film Noir class that I really enjoyed. I’ve always enjoyed watching “the classics” with my parents growing up and the more I think about it, a lazy day activity like movie watching, quilting or baking, for me, means doing something that easily brings you joy and these three things gives me nostalgia for things that have always brought me joy – so my lazy days are fun and happy and filled with easy but productive things.

What’s your favorite lazy day activity? Let me know!


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