What Inspires You | Inspiration for Creation | Motivation Monday

Inspiration can be a funny thing that picks you up and carries you away on a creation adventure, or it can be something you chase after like a child with a butterfly net. I took this #30daysofblogging prompt and ran with it to help capture my inspiration (as opposed to re-center me after artist’s block) to boil down what drives me, what motivates me and what keeps me going.

30 Days of Blogging Day 24

Inspiration for Creation

From the time that I was really young, I have always found beauty in nature. Whether in Girl Scouts, my local nature center’s Junior Naturalist program, or just hanging out outside – I love fresh air and seeing things bigger than myself. It’s amazing to me that there are so many intricacies that work on their own in a sustainable fashion – and we just live here.

coming from above flikr watermark

Another thing that actually helped develop my BizzyBookz is function. Going along with nature and the self-sustaining environment – I think that function and developing art that simplifies life is fantastic. I wrote about the creation of BizzyBookz in an earlier post, but the short of it: I needed a book that worked perfectly for my needs and couldn’t find one, so I decided that I was going to make the perfect book, and did. Now you can get one too at my etsy!

Handbound Journals Galore

Lastly, trying new things is really inspiring for me. I have taken classes with my mom, done my own research, and tried to find any DIY that sounds like fun to keep my mind open and ready to explore. (This is actually why I gave bookbinding a try before I fell in love with it!)

What Inspires You? Let me know!


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