Favorite Self-Care Ideas | Top Self-Care Hacks | Taking Care of Yourself

Self-care, recuperation and maintaining health and wellness is something that I’ve heard most about through my various volunteering adventures. But, I’ve officially been sick all weekend; spending the majority of my time sleeping. So, without further ado, this ironically fitting post considering my current recuperation status…

30 Days of Blogging Day 23

The main idea of self-care in respect to my volunteer work was making sure we were in the best mindset to help others through their rehabilitation (college volunteer work at a rehabilitation center for boys under 18), and re-centering so we can do our best on and after a crisis counseling shift (current volunteer work as a Crisis Counselor).

I think self-care can sometimes otherwise get overlooked. Now that it’s more engrained in my vocabulary, I thought itemizing how I recharge may be helpful – especially now that I’m battling a sickness.

Here’s an incomplete list of what I came up with:

Let me know how you stay centered or what you do to take care of you!


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