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Faceless Self-Portrait | Who Am I? | About Me

Previously, I did a post on Gratitude Tracking that had 4 different ways to reflect on what makes you thankful. Today’s challenge in my interpretation of a faceless self-portrait allows the additional freedom of adding not only who I am and what I’m grateful for, but also what makes me unique and me.

30 Days of Blogging Day 21

I didn’t want to have the same layout as my previous gratitude tracker, but I really like the positive, self-affirmation of “I am,” so I went with that again.

I did this page for myself rather than anyone else – that dynamic change between what I want to remember I am versus what I tell people I am was an interesting twist for me!

I decided to write “I am” in a light color so that I could write on top of it who I am. I am Elizabeth, Lizzy’s Landscapes and me.

From there, I was torn between Idea/Thought Bubbles, Circles and Clouds, but I decided that clouds fit me best in that moment.

Then all that was left was to think about who I am, and what makes me… me!

Here’s what I ended up with:

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I definitely didn’t have enough room for everything. Some details were really just left off because I wanted this to be a single page spread.

Knowing this, I put some of my less obvious qualities here, and ones that I would remember – like being an only child, lifetime member of Girl Scouts, Volunteer Crisis Counselor, etc are my bonus in the “so much more” category because I think about those more often, and I know those things.

What will your faceless self-portrait, or self portrait with only words look like? Let me know!


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