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Lettering with bad handwriting? No Problem! | DIY Easy hand lettering | Hand Lettering Hack

Monday is here! Which means it’s time for a weekly blog post! (Although this does coincide with my 30 days of blogging, so every day this month means a blog post… But this post is a straight lettering DIY)

Want to learn how to easily letter with less than perfect handwriting? Keep reading to find out!

In this post, I’m going to be assuming you have a computer or word processing software, or can write out in block letters in the spacing you ultimately want for your hand lettering quote. I’m also assuming that you know the basics of cursive and are interested in hand lettering but have not had success with your final product being all that you dreamed of.

If this sounds like you here are the easy steps to take a block quote and make it a lettered quote:

  1. Figure out what you want to write
  2. Print out in word/word processing software with block print after you’ve made it the size you want to use in a block font
  3. Take a sheet of printer paper and put it on top of your printed phrase
  4. Overlap the block text for allignment and height, in a basic, but spaced out cursive font on the blank sheet of paper
  5. Once you find spacing and font you like, take a pen and outline the parts you love on the printer paper you sketched outOn the downstroaks, you can increase the thickness of the stroke by adding additional thickness like I’ve started to do above
  6. Next step is to fill in the downstroak thickness you added in the previous step and erase your erroneous pencil linesVoila! You have spacing and height assisted by a print out you made. 

    Let me know how you use your new lettering powers!


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