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This is definitely a difficult question to answer. I can say honestly that within the last 48 hours I’ve done: photography, hand lettering, crocheting, bracelet making, book binding and sewing. (This is probably due to a few factors: the weekend, an etsy order, and being able to spend some quality time with my mom)

Now, which is my favorite?

30 Days of Blogging Day 17

I havent painted in the last 48 hours, nor have I done any felting, kumihimo or friendship bracelets, but who’s counting?

Trying to narrow down what I like versus love versus FAVORITE EVER is a bit intimidating.

I can say for certain that my crochetting and fiber arts in general are a great way for me to relax, but if I could only use fiber art for the rest of forever, Id be missing out and feel deprived.

If I cut back from there on my long list of lovely art and hobbies, Im left with a very tough decision: pigment art, paper art or photographic art.

I give up. Too hard. End of post!

As easy as that would be, I set out to challenge myself with these 30 days of blogging and this is definitely a challenge.

I have been thinking about this post for a few days now (because I knew it was comming) and it’s been something I’ve waivered on, even after long deliberation.

I have loved, do love and will forever love photography. It is the easiest way for me to capture the world around me, record a unique moment in time, and translate perspective. HOWEVER, one of the most important uses for my photography is utilizing it as the faces of cards, covers of hand bound books, and overall, incorporating that love into paper art.

I hesitantly declare photography as an olympically close 3rd place. (That’s so hard to say-I love it so much and it’s so integrated into what I do)

From here, it’s clear that I love book making and solving that need, creating that function, and the feel and aesthetic of paper art. HOWEVER, a major part of why I love BizzyBookz and book binding in general is being able to use that to house paper I will work with and a cover I will decorate with my visual art.

It is from this thought process that book making takes a very difficult 2nd place. (Again, very difficult decision because of how interconnected my art is, and how passionate I am about my art)

From here, we have a winner:

Pigment art wins. Ink on paper, canvas, and watercolor all fall into this category, and it’s true that I love doodling, lettering, and painting. It helps me with my most basic artistic plans, ideas, and conceptualizing simplicity of thought.

HOWEVER, thinking of doing only pigment art makes me miss photography (How will I capture my final projects to share? How will I take a moment that I don’t have long enough to get on paper?) and paper art (Where will I plan my trips and artistic plans? Where will I put my pigment on paper?).

Okay, what should I take from all this?

I feel even more confident after thinking for hours about my primary artistic outlet being all 3. The integration and interconnection of my artistic methods and end results make me inspired and motivated to keep going.

What is your favorite medium? Did you have as hard a time deciding? Let me know!


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