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3 Things to Overcome | Overcoming Obstacles | Problem Solving and Art

We’re officially half way in the 30 Days of Blogging during April! Overcoming challenges as an artist can be rewarding, but also daunting. I’ve looked at 3 different obstacles that I think are relevant, but let me know what obstacles you face, or if your strategies differ. 

30 Days Of Blogging Day 16

Despite the fact that there can be an unlimited number of obstacles or challenges while creating art or during the creative process, I think 3 major or reoccuring challenges (at least for me) are:

  1. Remotivating
  2. Overworking
  3. Balance

Remotivating after I’ve hit a roadblock, been unable to get my vision onto paper (or whatever medium I’m working in), or after I’ve had to take a break from, can be really difficult. Seeing past the problems and keeping the end goal in mind can be challenging, but ultimately, I try to take a break when I need to, come back refreshed or more ready than I previously was, and set tiny goals to reach my desired finish line. 

Going along with that idea, especially with tiny goals to get to my final vision, or even trying and persevering toward the end goal, I always try to keep from overworking my projects. What I mean by that is when things get frustrating or I keep doing final touches and striving for perfection, it’s easy to get lost and begin to do too much. One big focus of mine is to know when done means done and when overworking is actually working backwards. Keeping things in perspecrive, checking in with my end goal and where I’m at, and also getting outside feedback are all critical for me to keep from overworking an idea and staying on track. 

Lastly, balance is really important to me, not only in composition and how it’s generally looked at with art, but also with personal life and wellbeing. Keeping my nose to the grindstone 100%, taking breaks only to eat and sleep can be great for production when repetition rather than creativity are involved, but it would be to my detriment to ever do that for many practical reasons. Not taking a break, spending time with family and friends, and most importantly getting perspective would eliminate balance in my work and in myself. Being balanced for me is keeping awareness on all parts of my life and allowing some things to take priority when they mean to period but this also means allowing change and flexibility to be key factors and staying happy and inspired.

What do you do to overcome your artistic obstacles – I’d love to hear it!

Hoppy Easter, everyone!


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