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What Drives You? | Motivation and Inspiration | Reason Behind Creation

I love creating and doing what I do, but I really really apprecuated this blogging prompt to take a step back to think about why. 

30 Days Of Blogging Day 15

Reflecting on why I do what I do, I think, is based on a couple different things. Ive mentioned in previous posts my desire to keep trying new things, as well as my fondness of problem solving through simplification. 

Primarily, what I love about creating art is making new things. This curiosity is what I think propells me to continue trying new things, finding new ways to continue expressing myself through the mediums I enjoy as well as exploring different ways to create and commemorate through craft. 

Simplifying function is the second thing that drives me. This goes hand in hand with curiosity in my mind because as I’m finding ways to continue expressing myself, I want to learn how to not only do it well, but better myself and keep simplifying my process for the best result. 

What drives you? How do you push yourself and your creative process? Let me know!


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