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What Do You Photograph Most Often | Photographic Inspiration | Creativity through Photography

Taking photos has been a pastime, hobby and all around fun activity that I’ve enjoyed doing for as long as I’ve had a camera.

30 Days of Blogging Day 13

Where It Started

I may be showing my age but I remember taking photos on a polaroid, then an I-zone camera, disposable (clicking, winding, field trip nostalgia) camera and digital camera that could fit in a woman’s jean pocket I won in a middle school magazine drive. From there, I upped my game, and received a film camera for a class and my passion for the disposable field drip camera was revived.

I had a great experience with a unique art teacher that decided to help us capture overlooked in our photography. We went on a city bus ride capturing hip-shots, cemeteries and local gardens. I learned so much patience, technique and the importance of process in the darkroom.

It was around this time that I got my first cellphone, which added classic flip phone pictures to my repertoire.

From there, I became captured with digital photography after a friends requested I take some photos of them and later, I took a digital photography class that allowed me the freedom I needed to allow me to further explore the mundane made focus and making overlooked the subject of interesting art.

Throughout the following years I got nicer cell phones, and became more involved with Social Media

So, what is my most photographed subject?

I should probably mention that I’m obsessed with my cats… hand lettering and my bullet journal. I think these things win!


What do you take the most photos of? What Drives your creativity? Let me know!


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