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Making a New Idea from an Old Problem | Overcoming Obstacles | Lemonade out of Lemons | Perseverance

Bullet journaling took the complicated (schedule everything, catalog my life, capture memories, doodle, letter, craft and create) and put it all into one notebook.

30 Days of Blogging Day 12

I loved the idea of bullet journaling and the freedom it gives to create, document and dump ideas without predetermined constraints from other planners or journals, but with a graph pattern to allow for ease of creation. Basically I fell in love with bullet journaling from the get-go.

My Conundrum

I started my journey in bullet journaling last June (2016) and come this June in 2 months, I’ll have a full year under my belt.

I did quite a bit of research about different book options. I had a list of criteria that I wanted to meet so that I could have the perfect Bullet Journal.

I’d settled on planners in the past after I moved past the planner I got from my schools that had important school information in it. When I found one that was okay, or pretty close, I ended up not using it fully, setting it aside, and actually getting different planners that covered the same time span. I wanted to eliminate this with my Bullet Journal adventure.


A Big Undertaking

I wanted to find a book that was bound at the spine without coil or wire, but that could also lay flat.

I didn’t want perforated edges, nor did I want something bigger than 9×6 inches – that was my maximum.  – Something small enough to bring with me, but big enough to have space to write, draw and not cramped.

Essentially, I wanted a book that was small enough to keep with me but big enough and sturdy enough that it could hold all the treasures that I planned to keep in it without an awkward binding.


Research – What Book is Right for Me?

I decided to hit up the internet to see what others were using.

I saw people using books bound by long sewing with about 80 pages in an 8.5×5.5 size that I quite liked, and a grid pattern on the pages that I wanted. It could lay flat so a double page spread would work nicely, but the number of pages felt limiting. So I kept searching.

I saw different hard cover notebooks that met my page number and size need, but just didn’t lay the way I wanted. The spines constricted the movement of the book that hindered it from laying flat. This was the oppisite problem I found with a coil or wire binding that had too large a gap between the left and right sides of the page

It was at this point that I also found some traveling journals that were almost exactly what I wanted, but they had very thin paper that would easily bleed with the felt tip pens I wanted to use and had an index pre-determined in the front. So I kept searching.

It wasn’t until I saw a hand-bound book made from an old cereal box at an art show that it clicked in my mind. This artist took handmade paper (not what I wanted) and recycled cardboard and made something that worked for them, looked great to them, and was exactly what they wanted.

The Light Bulb Went On

It was at this point that I decided – I knew exactly what I wanted:

  • 8.5 x 5.5 inch pages
  • ~200 pages, or 100 sheets front and back
  • Hand bound spine
  • Spine that would lay totally flat when open without warping the pages
  • Minimal gap between left and right page (if any)
  • Think enough paper for my doodles (~20 lb)
  • Grid for bulleting
  • I also really liked the idea of cardboard or paperboard which allowed for personalization and decoration.


Welcome BizzyBookz – Handbound Journals  that met every need.

I decided to try my hand at binding a book. I was prepared to start and stop, struggle and make a couple rough drafts before I was happy – but that actually wasn’t necessary. I got it set on my first go around, and I was incredibly pleased with how it turned out!

I showed what I’d done to a few people and one friend, in particular, got so inspired, she wanted one, and that’s how BizzyBookz entered my etsy shop.

I’m so glad I persisted and ended up finding something I love doing and sharing with others!


When have you overcome a problem with a new idea? Let me know!


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