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Gratitude Tracker Ideas | Bullet Journal Inspiration | Thankful Bujo Spreads

Bullet Journaling can be incredibly relaxing and comforting. It can allow you to organize your thoughts without the pressure of perfection. One thing that I find calming is remembering what to be grateful for. In counting my reasons to smile, I find myself smiling again.

This can be particularly helpful on a rough day or a day when you want to practice self care or feel calmer.

Cool! How can I start tracking my gratitude? What does that mean?

There are many different ways to track what you’re grateful for. The best way to track what makes you smile and what you want to remember and track for gratitude is the one you remember to do, and you enjoy doing and reflecting on. If that’s drawing little pictures with or without a description, great! If that’s making a minimalist chart where you write shorthand notes, awesome! If it changes every month, you make a mistake and make it better next time, or you explore different styles each time, super!

Gratitude Log
You can create a spread that tracks what you’re grateful for each day with a pretty accent on an adjacent page.

I counted out the days in the month that I wanted and started at the bottom wit 30 for even spacing. I used a circle template to make sure that my quote would be centered on my right page, then added some lettering with an inspirational quote.

Be Grateful
If being grateful is an ongoing list you add to each time you have something that makes you reflect – find a way to add to a continuous list that works for you.

I started this page with my “be grateful” inspiration, then added each item I’m grateful for as I thought of it with a box separating each idea. The spacing isn’t perfect around the letters, but I still really like how it turned out AND there’s room for more to come!

Grateful = Present
If seeing delicate, or pretty things makes you calm and happy, you can incorporate that into your gratitude or happiness reminders.

You don’t have to track actions, you can track ideas too! I started with a circular template that I added little flower petals to, then some circles with dots, then hearts, circles on stems in sets of threes, then circle clusters with dots above them. From here, I added two flower accents in the lower corners and used the same dotting flourishes to accent space for each idea.

I am
If being grateful is remembering who you are and what strengths you have – let that work for you!

For this spread, I took different ideas that I feel about myself and asked others to try to describe me in a series of words. Some ideas I like better than others, but I only wrote down those that made sense to me and that I liked. I started with the “I am” statement and then wrote without pattern each word as it came to me or was described to me.

So what’s the most important thing to remember?

The most important spread you create is the one that makes you happy – whether one page or two – one tracker each month, each year, or whenever you need a new reminder – don’t be afraid to experiment and adventure in your journal.

How do you count your blessings? Let me know!


4 thoughts on “Gratitude Tracker Ideas | Bullet Journal Inspiration | Thankful Bujo Spreads

  1. This is fabulous in every way. In fact it’s just what I need right now to kick start my writing and these types of journals are a lovely example of self-improvement. Your calligraphy is gorgeous as well!


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