10 Things to be Happy About | Personal Gratitude | Thankful Things

Today marks the 1/3 mark on 30 days of blogging! On this 10th day, the prompt is 10 things to be Happy about , which is a great thing to reflect on. I actually had a reasonably difficult time narrowing down my happy items down to 10, but wanted to try to do things that weren’t incredibly general, but rather specific to me.

30 Days of Blogging Day 10

I recently looked at different ways to track gratitude, which coincides nicely with this post. I decided to take a different approach with the 10 things that I am happy about just simply for diversity of creation. But if you want inspiration for ways to track what you’re happy about, feel free to check out the link above to see 4 different ways to track your happiness.


  1. Music – Listening to music can completely transform my mood; get me excited, calmed, nostalgic and so much more.
  2. Cats – I have two loving rescue cats whom I adore. They each show love and their interest in being loved very differently, but every time they give a sign of affection, I melt.
  3. Looking a photos of interior design – I just love insides of houses that aren’t mine. I like seeing different compositions, ideas and inspiration.
  4. Campfires – I can’t get enough of the smell, the sound and general aesthetic of campfires. Singing songs, talking about memories, and perhaps the fact that I worked for a camp for three years, which might make me a little biased, but this is my list!
  5. Fall – Aside from being my favorite season, I love the smell of the air, the beautiful colors of leaves, and the spirit the season brings of being thankful, giving and celebrating family and friends.
  6. Fresh air – A breath of fresh air can be the change or jolt to the system that I need to clear my head if i’m stuck with a hard situation, artist’s block or just need a break from overthinking. I especially love when that fresh air smells like nature rather than city. Hot or cool, it can do so much to improve my mood and help me gather my thoughts.
  7. A Warm Blanket – This may be slightly biased since I love fall so much, but in spring, a cool summer night, or the heart of winter. I love the warmth and security that a blanket brings – especially in front of a fire.
  8. Small After Rain – As I’m getting farther in this list, I’m finding that smell and nature are really important to me in general. I do feel like the smell just before rain and just after rain are very unique and refreshing.
  9. Guitar/Piano – I took lessons in piano for 12 years growing up, but as I moved to college and beyond, taking a piano with me became less feasible, but guitar was mobile and kept me able to play music. I love the contrast in sounds, and the different styles that I play in each.
  10. Volunteering – Since I was very little, volunteering has been important to me and something I’ve been fortunate enough to regularly do. I have two regular volunteer opportunities; one with Girl Scouts at a camp that I used to call home for many summers, the other with counseling and helping others find comfort, even when that feels impossible.

What makes you happy? What are you grateful for? Let me know ☀


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