First Memory of Making Art

I have quite a few memories of making art in early childhood care around age 3 and 4. The people in my life who love me set me up for success in art, not in materials or resources, but in reaction and growth.

30 Days of Blogging Day 7

If you looked at this post about my artistic journey, you may have seen this photo:

2017-04-02 19.19.25

I’m making some stellar hand prints, and although I don’t remember this activity vividly, I do have a wonderful memory of using tempera paints and making a painting that hung on non-acid free paper on my parents’ wall in the family room for YEARS. I used 2 colors on continuously yellowing paper and it looked something like this:


I’m not sure if my memories are from me actually creating the painting itself, or being told about how much I enjoyed it and how much everyone liked the painting for years to come. My Grandma, “Nana,” would often play a game with me like looking at clouds in the sky. “I see a frog,” “a bat,” “a horse,” and this memory, decades old is one of my favorites.

This painting that I made was nothing special, but the people who interacted with me and it were. They allowed for me to think that something made with one paintbrush and two colors by a toddler was something worth celebrating, framing and loving. In caring about that painting, they cared about me, and I continued to make art, paint and grew into different crafts.

Most importantly, I learned how to space out the spelling of my name, so you won’t see many signatures like this anymore!

I feel lucky in my art and support. Who supports you and your hobbies? Let me know!


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