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Something I feel Strongly About

I feel like there are a lot of things that I feel strongly about. This blog post was actually one of the most challenging for me to narrow down my thoughts and come to a concise idea of something that outweighs other things I care about. After quite a bit more thought than I thought was necessary, I came to the conclusion that I feel strongly about change.

30 Days of Blogging Day 6

What’s So Important About Change?

For me, the idea of change, specifically fostering change, allowing change and accepting change can be a tricky thing. The question of can people change? is something that I think everyone stumbles upon whether they realize it or not.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get out of a slump or a pattern of negative energy, thought or action. I can’t deny that. Some may call that artist’s block, procrastination, or even laziness as related to art. Change can even have a more loaded connotation with dedication to a cause, partner or even following the law. I’m not going to have this post be incredibly heavy or give you any political opinions, but the long story short,


I think that change has to be inspired by something definitive. A diet motivated because you want to feel better, avoid a health repercussion, or feel more active etc. A dedication to a school subject to raise grades for the benefit of a GPA, get into another higher education program, as a sense of pride. Turning over a good leaf can be inspired by good intentions, but it also (in my opinion) needs to be rooted with motivation on an end goal.

With some of my volunteer work in the past, I worked with rehabilitation. This can be so rewarding, but also really complicated because people depend on you to help with their strength as they rededicate themselves to a different path. Some habits are harder to break than others, but ultimately, I think, especially as it comes to artwork, that finding

  • inspiration to break past obstacles
  • motivation to get to your desired result
  • support or feedback or a sounding board for new ideas or how to revamp old ideas
  • and trust that your efforts will pay off

Can help to set anyone up for success through change.

We talked about goals and goal setting before (link) and I really believe that if you want something that’s reasonable (in skill and time period), are motivated to get it achieved, set yourself up for success with a plan and allow yourself the flexibility to amend your plan with ultimate success in mind – I really think Change Is Possible.

Let me know what you think or if there are any changes you’re trying to make!


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