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Favorite Photo I’ve Taken | Artistic Reflection

Shortly before I became a homeowner for the first time, I had the opportunity to vacation in northern Minnesota. We were taking a walk and I fell in love with a building we saw on the side of the road. I saw a composition that I wanted to capture and I did what I could to preserve it.

TLDR: I fell in love with the beauty of peeling paint and a winter color scheme and froze my toes getting the shot just right.

30 Days of Blogging Day 5

Just over 2 years ago, I had put in an offer on a house and had LITERALLY everything planned out in my mind. I knew color schemes for my kitchen, what ideal seating I’d have in the living room, the arrangement of the deck furniture that I didn’t yet own, and what art I’d put in which bathroom. It was my first home purchase, and I’ve since calmed down with my interior predestined decorations, and not all of that is really important except, I’d recently fallen in love with the antiqued green color of old Bel Air and delicate sea foam china. This was to be the accent color of the kitchen and I stopped in my tracks, crossed the road to get to a better angle and found this beautiful shot I needed for my kitchen.

It may seem like the side of a house, but I’ll break down why I fell in love shortly. The most important thing about this photograph is that I took it for me.

In some shots that I capture, I think: Wow, that looks nice! Or gee, I’ve been asked about shots of trains, and there’s a train! Hmm, I have a commission for a particular shot, so I’m going to do just that to the very best of my ability and capture my perspective of that story for my customer.
Those are really wonderful things – especially if they come out looking great! I enjoy capturing the beauty in the overlooked, getting new perspectives of old ideas, and commemorating memories that people love.
The unique thing about “Greenside” is that I’m doing those three things for myself.

This photograph was taken on a winter vacation just about a month before I closed on my first home. I’d put in an offer just before we left, and received a call over dinner asking about adjusting the offer so I could get the house. With my nerves going crazy at a time when I should be relaxing, I was surprised and excited to see this beautifully weathered home as we were walking the streets of Northern Minnesota. It was the perfect calm during my whirlwind and I get a smile every time I see it and think of all that was going on.

Aside from a color scheme that I couldn’t help but love,

  • I found the withered sides to have a warm touch in the cold snow.
  • The beautiful tones of the siding and pipe versus the minty, sea foam green were so appealing to my eye.
  • The contrast with the snow – fresh and un-weathered against the sturdy, impermanence of the stripping paint.
  • But most importantly, the beauty in the story – this house has stood, weathered and kept a person or family sheltered, warm and happy.

The calm and happiness I feel when I see this photo just makes me smile and I’m so glad that I took the time to photograph it.

To this day, “Greenside” is a featured element in my kitchen, just above my table.

What’s something that you’ve done just for yourself, for your own enjoyment, pleasure and inspiration? Let me know!


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