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Photo Quote Overlay DIY made EASY

A quote can be inspirational, motivating, or just a great reminder of a time or place. I love pinning quotes overlaid on photos to brighten my day or someone who I care about.

It occurred to me that there may be a more personal way to do this…using MY photos with MY favorite quotes! Then, I got to thinking:

How can I use this DIY?

BOOM: What better sentiment of love for a birthday or holiday than my best friend’s favorite song lyrics on a photo of us – double whammy! Great quote, great picture – what can be better?

How can I take this and make it EASY?

I don’t want to spend hours using a complex photo program. I want to be able to send this to someone I love via email or text or over social media.

I’ll show you what I did…

I started with a picture that I took on my phone in Duluth, MN.

To pick my quote, I decided that I wanted to have a motivational quote and that I could place an author to, to give credit. I also wanted to have a quote that had been around for a while.

Because of the age of my quote, I added a filter on my photo to give it a more aged look.

I found the quote I wanted to use while searching the internet, pretty frequently seeing it juxtaposed next to a side profile photo of the author, Mary Church Terell. I decided to dig a bit deeper into where the quote came from.

On February 18th, 1898, Mary Church Terrell delivered “The Progress of Colored Women” to the National American Women’s Suffrage Association. I discovered that the quoted section I liked was in her closing paragraph:

“And So, lifting as we climb, onward and upward we go, struggling and striving, and hoping that the buds and blossoms of our desires will burst into glorious fruition ere long. With courage, born of success achieved in the past, with a keen sense of the responsibility which we shall continue to assume, we look forward to a future large with promise and hope…”

Mary Church Terrell, “The Progress of Colored Women”

I put a white boarder around the picture to give more of a Polaroid or framed look.

I took the portion of the quote that I liked and decided that along with the author’s name, I liked how it looked having the quote broken up onto 5 lines, which left me with 6 different lines of text.

color scheme.png
These are 6 colors that I pulled from the photo itself using an eyedropper/color picker tool.

I knew that I wanted to have each line a different color, and I wanted to use colors located in my photo itself.

The finished photo!

So as the photo went from basically light to dark as it went from sky to beach, my writing would be exactly the opposite to allow for the writing to be legible.

I started with the darkest line at the top and lightest line at the bottom of the photo. I wanted the quote to stand out, so I put the author’s name to the right at the bottom in a slightly smaller font.

From here, I saved my final project and got ready to stay inspired!

I hope you find some great quotes and photos to try this out with! ☀


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