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Although there are many different variations of this phrase and a few different origin stories, I feel like almost everyone has heard of this quote, at least in passing. I remember hearing it growing up, in school, and on television cartoons.

30 Days of Blogging Day 3

This quote speaks to me about perseverance and determination as opposed to repeated frustration.

But, I feel like it could be taken as or confused with the definition of frustration or insanity by trying the same thing and expecting a different outcome, like this quote:


This idea of insanity, also with a few different origin stories, is said to have been exclaimed by Einstein – a man who was determined and dedicated to his work.

So, what’s the difference?

I think if Einstein could talk to us today, he may have a similar opinion – repeated action with no adaptation would be futile, but perseverance and motivated efforts can lead to results.


The moral the I find most meaningful from this quote is not to continuously try the exact same thing, but to explore different ways to get to my desired result and modify the means and method until you get the best process.

As your Monday comes to an end, or whatever day you’re reading this, I hope your motivation can be refocused, rededicated and lead to great outcomes!

Want to learn how to make a photo quote like the one featured above? Check out the instructional post here 🙂


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