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April Goals | Goal Setting | Monthly Inspiration

April Showers Bring May Flowers and setting good, realistic goals with motivation and inspiration can bring great results.

30 Days of Blogging Day 1

This month of April, I’m setting a blogging goal – 30 days of Blogging. I have a goal of at least 1 post per day (although, I doubt many days will hold more than one post). AND I want to explore different ways to set, track and achieve goals. For this blog in general, there is the regular monthly goal of 1 post per week, concentrated at the start of the week. But, this month, I wanted to spice things up, and not only challenge myself creatively, but also get 30 posts with good content up since this blog is fairly new. I want to take April and explore why I do what I do, what motivates me, and how I can become better at conveying the messages I express through my art, reflect on my art process and how I make the complicated simple.

So… Let’s talk a little bit about goals.

One of the hardest parts of setting and achieving goals, is knowing where to begin. A lot of the time it can be easy to set big, lofty goals, but the easiest way from a distant point B from a current point A can get discouraging without little stepping stones along the way.

Looking at 5 year plans, weight loss goals, career dreams, or whatever else, one thing that I always notice is not only is there the big marquee sign with the end all be all, ultimate goal, but also, in success, people hit milestones. Whether it’s intentional, or just a moment of celebration, I find that accountability with goals and then the celebration of a job well done go hand in hand AND can be seen as stepping stone goals.

Alright, what does this goal setting all mean?

One thing that I find helpful is creating some stepping stone goals. Whether it’s checking points to make sure that you’re on pace to your final goal, or it’s necessary steps you know you’ll need to take in order to get to the final goal.

stepping stones to main goal
These stepping stones can have a particular order, or can just be un-ordered points on a todo list – once you know what you need to do AND are open to adapting to meet the end goal, you’re on your way to success.

Great! Ok, how should I set my goals?

There are many different ways to set goals, but I try to make sure mine are:

  1. Motivated by something I want – If I don’t want to do something, I’m not going to have anything driving me. I also want to make sure I keep motivated by telling people about my goals and reminding myself where I want to be so I stay inspired with my end results at the forefront of my mind.
  2. Reasonable & Achievable – I don’t want to have to be a superhero or begin to hate or forget about my goals because they aren’t something I can actually do or aren’t in a time frame that I can track.
    • This timeline is also important for me when I’m looking at my stepping stones.
      • When do I know I want to achieve a stepping stone by?
      • What does that need to look like?
      • How will I get back on track if I can’t meet a milestone
  3. Planned out – I need to make sure I know the specifics of my goal, what that means for me, and have my individual stepping stones to get me there. If I’m going to get something done, I need to know what that something will look like.
  4. Flexible – this seems odd, since I’m trying to specifically track and mark what I’m doing to have a detailed plan. I want to make sure that if my needs change, my process develops more efficiently, or something comes up, I can regroup rather than toss out my goal.
    • I would equate this to what sometimes happens with New Years resolutions, people find the dedication because the goal is new, with a new year to be productive or lose weight or do whatever they want. But if that new timeline gets tainted, whether by a minor set back or some hurdles, it feels like it’s too much to overcome, and resolutions are forgotten or discarded.
    • I want to make sure if I lose my way, I leave myself the wiggle room to get back where I want to be so I can continue to achieve my goals. 

I hope your goal setting is positive, achievable and fruitful❤︎

Let me know what goals you set, how they’re going, and we can stay motivated together!


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