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Pretty Tissue Tassel Garland Made Easy – DIY

These Tissue Tassels could not be more cute or charming!

I made these tassels for a blank space in my bedroom and I can’t believe how much they add to the space. You could set them up for a shower, reception, birthday or even a window valance!

OK these look cute and all but… they look complicated. How do I begin?

First you need some Tissue Paper! And TRUST ME, I made this EASY!

(For viewing what I did, I’ll be showing you the process I used on white tissue paper so you can easily see the folds and.)

Once you have a single sheet, fold the tissue paper in half like this:

The first fold I made was “hamburger” rather than “hotdog” – I took the paper and folded the longest length in half.

From here, you want to cut 1/2 inch strips going vertically along the tissue paper but stopping about 1.5 – 2 inches from your fold (It doesn’t have to be exact!).

Here’s what mine looked like once I began cutting the strips

Next step is to carefully unfold all of the sections you just cut.

Once your cut sections are separated, it should look something like this.

Next, you TUCK AND ROLL!!! (just kidding, but it’s almost like that!)

I began by folding my paper in half a few times – Make sure to keep the tassels facing out to either side so they can lay nicely.
Once I had folded the paper about 3 or 4 times I began to roll my tassel as tightly as possible.
Once it’s all rolled up – Twist the center from one end of the tassel edges to the other.
As you’re twisting the center – keep the twists tight and make a loop so all the tassel pieces are facing the same direction.

(You’ll see in my photo ^^ I took one of the tassel strands and pulled it out to the side)

PRO TIP: for a cleaner finish, you can take one of the strands and wrap it just below the loop, right where the tassel strands meet the loop.

Now you’re DONE!

Time to make more in any color/pattern you’d like!
Once you’ve got all the tassels made…. you can string them up!

I used baker’s string and spaced them out about 8 inches apart on my line.

Now you can hang them wherever you like!

Now it’s your turn! 🎉

Let me know how it goes! I hope you have fun brightening up your space or adding some pizazz to party décor!


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