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Let’s Get Creating!


This is my first blog post! I’m hoping to take the dull and ordinary and find a positive and extraordinary moment hidden inside. I hope you’ll find some great inspiration for yourself too!

Every New Year I feel like everyone has great intentions of new beginnings, to better themselves and their lives. It’s about this time of the year when we’ve had the great inspiration of the New Year resolutions taper off, had Valentine’s day come and go and – in Minnesota, at least – we’re waiting for Spring to FINALLY arrive. If nothing else, this seems like a lull.

One of my resolutions for many years, has been to make a positive change – leave the lull – and push through whatever challenge I meet, refocus, and try to get creative in solutions. I’m hoping this blog will be something that helps me do just that!

Here’s a little bit of information about me…

My name is Lizzy and I love creating. BUT I also really love trying new crafty things. Sometimes, I wish I had one great hobby that I could dive into and learn everything about. My passion would grow and my art stash would abound for that particular trade and I would become a craft-expert, craft-success and all things that craft. However, because I’m a bit curious and really want to try as much as I can (because why not?!), I have a little bit of everything – enter: craft-splosion: supplies, space and efforts are sometimes stretched all over the place.

It’s this year, long after the typical time of resolution that I’ve decided to hone in on what makes me… me. I’m trying new things, and exploring things that bring me joy to try to keep inspired, stay positive and live an amazing journey.

I’m excited to share my different craft-splosions, that become mini-passions – or even craft-disasters with you. I hope you come back to find inspiration, find a way to bring your own happiness, or simply are entertained.

Let’s get creating!

** Interested in how I made the lettered photo canvas above? Stay tuned ♡


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