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Do you love feeling productive and making life easier? DIY’s drive you wild? Does the idea of “life hacks” make you smile? Have you ever felt so busy you didn’t know where to start? Do you ever look at TONS of pictures online but still struggled to find your own  inspiration? or even stay motivated?

Come create and learn with Lizzy as she does DIYS, breaks complicated crafts into easy steps, shows her motivation and REAL life and shares her passion for art and crafting. Find inspiration HERE and live the life you aim for… all while staying creative!

This blog is for you!

A note from Lizzy:

Navigating everyday life can feel hectic. I don’t feel like that’s an uncommon feeling, but the thing that makes me lose energy is monotony. After finding myself pondering how to stay on task, find beauty and creativity in my life, and keep a bright attitude while doing so, time after time, I decided I wanted to change.

I want to seek out adventures, and try new things. Look no further for DIY successes, suggestions and editor notes after I figure out what doesn’t work. We can regroup together and move forward ready for the next step. I want to share my passion for creating and making things easy for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you’re new to DIYing, or a DIY master, I hope you find joy and inspiration here. I appreciate you stopping by & don’t be afraid to send me a message with a request or suggestion. The more feedback I get, the more I know what you’d like to see.

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I’m glad you’ve found your way here! I hope you stay a while ☀